The Career Counseling Psychology Association of India or CCPAI was formed in 2016 in Maharashtra. CCPAI is India’s First Career Counselor’s Association. The Association was formed under the guidance of several noted International & National Psychologist, founded by Brain Checker, India’s No.1 Career Counseling Company.

Over the last few years, Indian Parents are becoming more aware & inquisitive towards knowing more about their child’s potential and career inclinations. This coupled with a rapidly developing economy, has resulted in creation of a huge opportunity within the Career Counseling Business in India. India being world’s 2nd most populous country has only fueled the demand further creating rapid expansion with no structural framework or guidance to ensure quality counselors being created.

CCPAI was established to:

  • Create Guidelines & Benchmark Career Counseling in India
  • Creating Best Practices in the Industry
  • Nurturing a Continuous Education Learning Model in Career Counseling
  • Creating Well Trained & Well Learned Counselor’s
  • Creating a PAN-INDIA Membership Base
  • Creating a Organization to represent the voice of the Industry
  • Providing Training & Development to Members
  • Organizing Events & Learning Sessions
  • Highlighting the requirement of Career Counseling in National Media &Social Platforms
  • Designing, Developing & Implementing a 50 Hour Training Course for Counselor’s Online
  • Working as a Industry Representative to Government on varied issues
  • Increasing awareness of Career Counseling in India
  • Acting as a Web-Portal to share Success Stories, Learning Modules, Up-coming events etc
  • thumb1 Tanmay Joshi IT Coaching Center Owner

    I am extremely happy to have completed the CCPAI-DCCP Program. Its helping me a lot in guiding my students. I highly recommend it to all aspiring counselors